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'Getting to know LEDs'

Light Emitting Diodes (referred to as LEDs from here on out) are in my opinion, the ultimate light source - obviously this statement can change dramatically depending upon the application. But, hear me out, what other light source is used on such a wide range of applications as the humble LED?

Let's think about it; your remote control, car headlights, flashlight, floodlight, street lights, sports lighting, TVs, traffic lights, clocks, the list is pretty much endless. This makes these tiny diodes a powerful package.

Alongside the wide range of applications, this light source has even more benefits. Let's talk about reliability, LED lights have been in production since the 1960's, and just now are really coming into their own, taking over the market place as reliable, multi-functional, best value pieces of electronics.

With lifetimes exceeding 100,000 hours and LED drivers exceeding it too, it's hard to justify any other light source.

Since the 2000's LED street lights have been installed on our highway network. Early pioneers paved the way for the oasis we currently enjoy with the selection available and the price that comes with it.

No longer are bulk lamp change regimes required, we have lanterns that are almost fit and forget, bar the periodic test and inspection; even this you could investigate the possibility of extending to 8 years instead of the standard 6 years, as per the Guidance Note 3 of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

A small powerful package that is coming to a street near you!

All the best,



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