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'Bat Sensitive Lighting'

This post has been updated in August 2023, considering the latest Guidance Note 08/23: Bats and Artificial Lighting at Night produced by the ILP and the Bat Conservation Trust.

At our core, we prioritise environmentally responsible lighting strategies, focusing on minimising our impact on bats and the ecosystem. This commitment applies to every design we prepare, regardless of specific requirements.

1. Bat Consideration Matters

In crafting lighting proposals, our foremost concern is the welfare of bats. We understand the crucial role competent lighting design plays in reducing a project's impact on these creatures.

2. Preparing Eco-Sensitive Designs

Our speciality lies in developing ecologically sensitive lighting designs. We collaborate closely with ecologists to ensure our solutions align with the projects environmental goals.

3. Key Design Factors

When formulating lighting designs, we meticulously address:

  • Avoidance: Preventing light spill into sensitive areas (dark corridors, roosts, woodlands, hedgerows etc.)

  • Colour Temperature: Opting for warm tones (2700K or less) to minimise blue light.

  • Efficiency: Reducing energy consumption through smarter lighting.

  • Dimming and Motion Sensors: Cutting active lighting time.

  • Shielding: Minimising light spill and pollution.

  • Zero Upward Light: Ensuring zero upward light emission.

  • Optics Selection: Focusing light only where needed.

4. Guiding Documents

We regularly refer to two essential documents for guidance:

  • Guidance Note 01/21: Reducing Obtrusive Light.

  • Guidance Note 08/23: Bats and Artificial Lighting at Night.

These can be found here and in our essential reading list.

5. Reach Out to Us

For project assistance or further information, feel free to contact us.

Testimonial: "We received a better service than I anticipated. Peter responded to our problems with a planning application with speed and professionalism. I was surprised at the level of knowledge on a fairly specialist area (impact on bats). So we got to where we needed to be without fuss. I would heartily and positively recommend his service." - Gordon Smith, Matrix Planning Ltd.

Best regards, Peter


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