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'Bat Sensitive Lighting'

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

It is increasingly common that bats are a concern with regards to lighting. It is important that the lighting design considers bats and reduces its impact as much as possible. Through the use of a competent lighting designer your impact on bats can be reduced dramatically.

We can assist you with your bat lighting concerns. With the use of appropriate equipment specifications, colour temperatures, switching and dimming regimes our lighting designs are bat sensitive. Things we consider for bat friendly lighting:

  • Eliminating light on bat sensitive areas

  • Bat friendly colour temperature

  • Switching off at appropriate times

  • Dimming at appropriate times

  • Shielding to reduce light trespass and pollution

  • 0% upward light

With all the above considerations, we can prepare a design that reduces its impact on bats but also reduces its environmental impact and uses as little energy as possible.

If you would like our help with your project or require further information, please get in touch.

“ We received a better service than I anticipated. Peter responded to our problems with a planning application with speed and professionalism. I was surprised at the level of knowledge on a fairly specialist area (impact on bats). So we got to where we needed to be without fuss. I would heartily and positively recommend his service.” Gordon Smith - Matrix Planning Ltd.

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