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'Bat Sensitive Lighting'

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

The majority of projects we work on require a 'sensitive lighting strategy' with a particular focus on the impact the proposed lighting will have on bats.

We decided that every design we prepare (where possible) should be as environmentally friendly as possible; even if it's not a specific requirement... because, why not!

It's important that during the preparation of a lighting design proposal bats are considered and the impact minimised as much as possible. Through the use of a competent lighting designer a projects impact on bats can be reduced dramatically.

We can assist with the preparation of an ecologically sensitive lighting design. We specify appropriate equipment considering the colour temperature, switching, dimming, shielding, optics and outputs. Some of the things we consider for any lighting design we prepare:

  • Eliminating light on ecology sensitive areas - hedgerows, site boundaries, woodlands, ponds, foraging routes etc.

  • A warm colour temperature ideally <3000K

  • Switching off - is the lighting required throughout the night. Can we reduce burning hours. This also saves electricity.

  • Dimming at appropriate times

  • Shielding to reduce light trespass and pollution

  • 0% upward light

  • Careful selection of optics to ensure light is only provided where it is needed.

We also refer to two key documents when preparing a design - Guidance for the reduction of obtrusive light and Bats and Artififcial Lighting in the UK. You can view these documents via the links in another of our blog posts here.

If you would like our help with your project or require further information, please get in touch.

“ We received a better service than I anticipated. Peter responded to our problems with a planning application with speed and professionalism. I was surprised at the level of knowledge on a fairly specialist area (impact on bats). So we got to where we needed to be without fuss. I would heartily and positively recommend his service.”

Gordon Smith - Matrix Planning Ltd.

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