"Your approach and appreciation for the requirements is commendable"

Baljit Singh Sahota - Principal Engineer - Birmingham City Council

Over 30 years experience in the design of Section 38 street lighting schemes

Our team has been on both sides of the fence; carrying out the technical checking and approval process for local authority's and also prepared the street lighting S38 designs for approval. 

Meticulous attention to detail

To avoid a back and forth lighting design approval, we pay close attention to the street lighting requirements of each individual authority. Their briefs and specifications are carefully understood and requirements met with the aim to speed up the approval process.

Quick Turnaround

We offer a quick turnaround on our Section 38 lighting designs. If you need a speedy response we can help.

Authority Liaison

If required, we can liaise with the Local Authority from brief to street lighting approval. Hopefully taking some of the work load off your shoulders. We provide timely updates on progression.

Considerate Lighting Design

Each S38 lighting design is thoughtfully prepared considering the below factors:

  • Installation costs

  • Maintenance costs

  • Energy costs

  • Environmental impact

  • Resident impact

  • British Standards

  • Health and Safety implications

  • Authority requirements

  • Aesthetics

Environmental Impact

For every ten street lighting columns we design, we pledge to plant one tree. We aim to reduce the impact on the environment at every stage of the project. 

Featured Project: Wixams Village 2 - Spine Roads

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