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Section 278 Street Lighting Design


"Your approach and appreciation for the requirements is commendable"

Baljit Singh Sahota - Principal Engineer - Birmingham City Council

Thorough S278 Street Lighting Designs in accordance with the authority requirements.

S278 Lighting design is our specialism. Our design team take care of all S278 lighting aspects ensuring approval is a smooth process with the Local Authority. 

The design process will consider on site risks, existing equipment, DNO connections, private cabling requirements, passively safe equipment, construction costs and local authority specifications and documentation.

The S278 Lighting design package we provide is tailored to meet the project and authority requirements; a typical package we produce includes the following documents:


  • Location Plan

  • Lighting Design Calculations - Lighting Reality format

  • Lighting Design Consideration Report

  • Contract Documents

  • BOQ - Bill of Quantities

  • Survey information including photographs

  • Cable Calculations

  • Schematic Drawings

  • Construction Drawings (200, 500, 1300 and 1400 series)

  • Connection Schedule 

  • Passively Safe Risk Assessment

  • CDM Risk Assessment

  • Environmental Considerations

  • Drawing Register

Featured Project: East Melksham S278 Works


  • Lighting Design

  • Adoptable specification

  • Sign illumination

  • Construction drawings

  • Site clearance

  • Connection Schedule

  • CDM Risk assessment

  • Design Consideration Report

S278 Street lighting design East Melksha
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