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Street Lighting

What is street lighting? Street lighting typically takes the form of a post situated by the side of the road with a lantern mounted on the top of it. People call it many things including, road lighting, highway lighting, street lamps and lamp posts. ​


The modern-day street lamps are manufactured with galvanised steel and the lanterns utilise LED chips and electronic drivers. It hasn't always been this way.


Street lighting has played an important role in society for centuries. It has even been reported to be in use in the 4th century. 


In more recent times, the widespread installation of street lighting systems occurred in the 1800s in the form of gas lamps. 


The design of street lighting installations is our specialism; our founder has a particular passion for street lighting and this passion is evident throughout the work we produce here at Williams Lighting Consultants.


We believe and know that street lighting plays an extremely important role in society. This makes the design process extremely important. 


We only deliver the best value street lighting designs for our clients.


We provide street lighting consultancy services to developers, local authorities and engineering consultants. Contact us and see how we can help you with your next street lighting project.

Street light
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