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Car Park Lighting Design

Car Park Lighting Design.

Well-designed car park lighting is a must in today’s society. It can be a functional asset but also an asset that adds value and lasts a lifetime.


We prepare car park lighting solutions that are effective, good value and considerate of future maintenance requirements. Our packages can include the electrical requirements, including cable calculations, schematic drawings, feeder pillar designs and cabling routes.


Good Car Park Lighting Design:


Light Pollution:

A big concern with lighting a large outdoor area such as a car park is the impact on surrounding properties. It is key that appropriate lanterns and mounting heights are selected at the design stage to avoid unnecessary light spill on to these sensitive receptors and also avoid wasted upward light.



The orientation, tilt and lantern selection should consider the impact glare will have on motorists. Glare should be kept to a minimum to allow for safe travel throughout the car park.


Appropriate Lighting Levels:

The appropriate lighting class should be selected from the BS5489:2020, this will ensure the car park is not over lit. It is also important to consider the levels throughout the night – is the car park used less during the early hours and can the lighting be switched or dimmed to further save energy and the life of the lantern.

A car park will always require a uniformity of 25% or greater. It is the average illuminance which changes dependent upon the usage of the area.


Lantern Positions:

To light a car park effectively careful consideration should be given to the positioning of light points. The positions should avoid unnecessary conflict with vehicles and pedestrian. They should also be kept to a minimum to reduce clutter on the site.


Our packages can include:


  • Lighting calculations
  • Contour drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Site Clearance drawings
  • Lighting Impact Assessments
  • Cable calculations
  • Schematic drawings
  • Risk Assessments
  • Construction Drawings

  • Lighting Calculations

  • Planning Condition Discharge

  • Considerate of Ecology

  • Cabling Design

  • Smart Lighting

Who we've worked with:


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Featured Project: RHS Wisley

Light Points:



  • Car Park lighting

  • Construction drawings

  • Cabling network

  • Car charging points

  • Controlled light surrounding perimeter

  • Bat sensitive design

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