• Peter

'What Are Smart Street Lights?'

Street Lights

Let's talk about the humble street light - what is it? A street light in simple terms is a light mounted on a column that illuminates the street to aid in the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

How do street lights operate?

A typical street light will be powered by either a mains DNO connection or by a private Local Authority connection (learn more about how street lights are connected here).

They are switched on and off by a photocell that monitors light levels - we often see photocells set at 35 lux on and 18 lux off - this varies depending upon the Local Authority and their policies.

So in all a fairly simple operation... now comes the smart bit.

A Smart Street Light?

Instead of the light being controlled via a photocell as mentioned above, a smart street light will have a communication device that allows the user / owner (Authority) to communicate with an individual street light, allowing the operator to switch off, switch on, dim, monitor faults etc all from their desk.

What's the point?

This type of system has many benefits for the end user. A summary of these are listed below:</