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'Using a Consultant - Added Value'

This post is predominantly focused on the street lighting industry, something we are passionate about. It focuses on the benefits of using a street lighting consultant.

The design of new street lighting installations is important, not only because it has an immediate impact but one that lasts for decades. Once installed a street light impacts:

- Highway users

- Residents

- Energy costs

- The environment

- Maintenance costs

- Local authority lighting engineer and maintenance crews

These will exist for the life-span of the lighting column, approximately 40 years.

As a consultancy, it is our job to reduce these effects while at the same time deliver suitable solutions. Each and every lighting design solution we prepare takes into account the long-term impact the installation will have by:

- Designing for maintenance

- Ensuring each solution is the most effective and efficient for its purpose

- Reducing light pollution and light trespass onto properties

This added value ensures; installation and material costs are low, energy and maintenance costs are as low as possible and that the end users are impacted as little as possible.

All of our solutions are prepared to have as little effect on the planet whether this is through the reduction of materials used or the overall power consumption. We go further to ensure our footprint is reduced.

Contact us for added value.

All the best,



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