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Street Lighting Design - Great Value

It is our aim to be an industry leading street lighting consultant - an ambitious task, we know. With this target in our sights we aim to provide great value design solutions that meet the British Standard for street lighting - BS 5489.

Street and exterior lighting comes in many forms and applications vary - we always provide a quotation that suits the requirements of the project ensuring good value. Our packages can consist of the following documents:

  • CDM Risk Assessments (site specific)

  • Construction drawings in AutoCAD format

  • Lighting Lux levels contour drawings in AutoCAD format

  • Street Lighting Design Calculation in Lighting Reality format

  • Exterior Lighting Calculations in Lighting Reality format

  • Material Specifications

  • Electrical Connection Schedules

  • Electrical Schematic Drawings

  • Cable Calculations

  • Passively Safe Requirements and Specifications

  • Contract Documents

  • Site survey photographs

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

This list is not exhaustive and we can work to the project requirements. We want to be a leading lighting consultant and work with many more clients to achieve their objectives.

We're keen to expand our operations, and if you didn't already know we prepare exterior lighting designs nationwide.

Get in touch and see how we can help you with your next project.

Kind regards



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