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'Street Lighting - Common Terms'

With so many common terms and abbreviations within the industry; we thought we should have a section detailing them. This post looks at some of the language used among 'lampies' providing some basic information; a future post will go into more detail.

DNO - Distribution Network Operator. The owner of the electricity network with your area, for example UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution etc.

Private Supply - A power supply that is owned privately and not supplied by the DNO i.e. a lit bollard could have a private supply from a nearby street light that has a DNO supply.

Lumen (lm) - The SI derived unit for luminous flux. This is total amount of light visible from a source i.e. lamp.

Luminance - The measurement of light reflected from a flat surface and into an observers eye.

Power Factor (pf) - The measurement of how efficient electrical power if consumed. A pf of 0.90 is 90% efficient in using the power supplied to it.

DPI - Double Pole Isolator - an isolation device that will disconnect the live and the neutral.

SON - High Pressure Sodium lamp - has a golden glow. These are still common on the roads.

SOX - Low Pressure Sodium lamp - very orange light. Still on the roads; however less common. These lamps will no longer be manufactured from 2020, so prices are rising.

MBF/U - High Pressure Mercury Lamp - a very inefficient lamp. Not so common on the network today. Lamps are no longer manufactured.

LOLER - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. Important if you're a contractor using MEWPS.

MEWP - Mobile Elevated Work Platform.

MPAN - Meter Point Administration Number. A number to identify supply points - it can cover multiple points, such as unmetered supplies or single meter point.

That's all for today - more to come in a future post.




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