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'Section 38 and Section 278 Lighting'

We've been involved with the technical checking and design of Section 278 and Section 38 street lighting schemes for over 19 years. This provides Williams Lighting Consultants with the tools and knowledge to prepare consistent best value lighting designs for all stakeholders. It's our specialism and our passion.

Each authority has its own processes and specifications for a S38 / S278 lighting design submissions; we gather this information to prepare a robust and relevant design that meets the adopting authority's requirements.

A typical Section 38 and Section 278 lighting design will include the following documents:

- CDM Risk Assessments

- Lighting calculations (Lighting Reality)

- Isolux contour drawings (AutoCAD)

- Construction and site clearance drawings (AutoCAD)

- Contract Documents - relevant appendices

- Private cable network calculations

- DNO connection information

Each authority's requirements will differ and our packages are tailor made to suit.

Our street lighting designs aim to deliver optimum results with the least possible site works. This saves on installation, maintenance, and energy costs, plus reducing the impact on the environment.

Get in touch and see how we can assist you with your next Section 38 / Section 278 street lighting design.



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