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'What is an MPAN?'

What is an MPAN?

MPAN is the acronym for Meter Point Administration Number. It is also referred to as the Supply number or the S number.

This is a 12 digit unique reference number used throughout the UK. The number identifies an electricity supply point.

This supply point is not necessarily one singular point; for example, street lighting is typically on an unmetered supply and the street lighting inventory held for a specific authority would generally be against one MPAN - effectively allowing all lighting assets to be billed against the singular MPAN.

Each metered supply point would have its unique MPAN to allow for billing against that specific MPAN.


The above image shows an MPAN number. Each section relates to specific details about the supply:

- Supply type

- Unique ID

- Half-hourly or non-half hourly

- Distribution ID

- Meter timeswitch code

- Line loss factor

- Check digit

If you are requesting a new metered supply from the electricity supplier, they will issue with an MPAN. If you are requesting a new unmetered supply, they will request your existing unmetered MPAN.

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