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Delivering lighting solutions for car parks, open space areas, sports, architectural, plus many more applications. Expert lighting designers. 



Swift response times - be safe in the knowledge that we have it covered. We know the importance of delivering a project on time. We pride ourselves on our project management abilities and we always ensure targets are achieved.

Transparency - no hidden charges. Our fees are for the complete package. So you know exactly what to expect and can budget / forecast accordingly.

Our number one asset is our knowledge. We keep up to date with this fast moving industry to enable us to effectively deliver quality solutions.

We believe communication is key to achieving quality solutions. Briefs and specifications are clear and complied with before submissions take place.

We care about the environment and understand our role in reducing our impact as much as possible. Our designs consider construction, maintenance and demolition - we've found if we focus on reducing the impact in each element we also reduce construction, operational and maintenance costs.

"If we focus on reducing the environmental impact from construction, maintenance and demolition, we also reduce the costs associated with each of these phases"

WLC Lighting are passionate about delivering specialist street lighting design services, it is our aspiration is to be the 'go to' provider for all your lighting design requirements.


We work hard to make our clients work as easy as possible. To achieve this we put excellence and timeliness at the top of our priorities.

Our street lighting design packages range from planning condition discharge to S38 and S278 designs for adoption by the local authority. We have great relationships with many authorities throughout the UK, helping us to achieve a smooth approval process.


We care about the environment and recognise that the work we do has an impact. It is our aim to reduce the impact by preparing considerate lighting designs and we also attempt to offset some of the installations impact through the plantation of one tree for every ten lights we design.

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