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'Street Lighting News from around the UK'

Welcome to Williams Lighting Consultants latest news section. In today's post we look at the current news stories from around the UK relating to the Street Lighting industry. See some below snippets of news:

Dundee Council is the owner of approx. 25,000 street lights and are planning to replace the majority of its old stock with new LED lanterns in a bid to reduce its current £1.1m yearly energy bill and maintenance costs associated with outdated technology. In the future they could also consider the use of a Central Management System to provide even greater savings.

Lincolnshire County Council are currently in the process of consultation regarding its street lighting asset. The review focuses on the part night lighting scheme introduced earlier this year and the impact it has had on the community. Residents can have their say up until the 5th January 2018. Again this authority is targeting the energy bill. Take part in the survey here.

Calderdale Borough Council earlier this month started the replacement of approx. 19,000 lanterns with new LED units. The contractor for the works is McCann and the package includes on-going maintenance, seeing McCann through until 2025.

Telensa have been named number one in the smart cities global market from a study carried out by Northeast Group LLC. Telensa provide a great deal of smart lighting equipment throughout the world.

This was just a brief update on the current affairs within the lighting industry. We'll be back with more soon.

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